Increasing of production capacity on hand moulding shop – stage 1

Within the frame of modernization and strengthening of production on hand moulding shop (include core shop), we have successfully realized first stage. The main target of this stage was to modify and make more effective production flow and to create space and good conditions for 2. and 3. stage of modernization. There was necessary very detailed and carefully planning, because whole modification was made during usual production days of foundry.

Investment to foundry equipment:

  • New mixer Wöhr for ST mixture. Capacity  8-30 tons per hour
  • Filtration from mixer by Herding filter with capacity 4 400M3/h
  • Distance controlled pouring crane from Královopolská, a.s., loading capacity 12,5t
  • Traction rail carriage – loading capacity  25t
  • Rail carriage (loading capacity 5t) and rail installation
  • General repair of current mixer  Wöhr (capacity 3-8 t/h) for ST mixture in hand core shop

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