Extension of the new hall to the machining shop

Initiation: 1Q, 2015

Ending: 3Q, 2015

In the newly built hall a technology for high-precision machining and measuring of castings will be installed:

  • Horizontal machining center Makino a81nx with two-pallets changer
  • Pallet size 630x630mm
  • Maximum workpiece size φ 1000 mm and height 1000 mm, max. weight 1200 kg
  • Coordinate-measuring machine from Carl Zeiss to measure parts up to size 1600 x 2400 x 1500 mm and a weight 4000 kg
  • Washing machine for workpieces and other technologies for preservation and packaging

The hall is conceptually ready for a further gradual expansion of machinery equipment and increase of production capacity.

Start of production is planned for early September 2015.

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