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The construction of the Kuřim foundry, built after the design of LESTER B. KNIGHT ASSOCIATES - CHICAGO at the site of the former engineering hall of Zbrojovka, an armory plant in Brno, began in 1949. The new foundry, like the whole plant in Kuřim, was part of the then newly established "Spojené továrny na obráběcí stroje Praha, n.p." [Joint machine tool factories Prague, state enterprise].  By 1.1.1950, the company existed as an autonomous enterprise named TOS KUŘIM n.p.  Parts of its production facilities had been delivered by American suppliers, in accordance with the original project, but after 1949, when that supplier line was interrupted, the remaining production facilities were delivered by domestic suppliers. The first tapping took place on 26.10.1951; however, regular production was launched only in 1953.

Initially, the foundry took over the production of castings for machine tools, until then made by a well-known Brno foundry, named VAŇKOVKA, with many years of tradition in foundry production. Simultaneously, a considerable number of qualified founders, modelers, and technicians were transferred to Kuřim, thus ensuring the prerequisites for retaining a high professional level of production in the new foundry.  By 1960, the annual production output grew to 15,000 tons.

In 1992, as part of the privatization process, the foundry gained independence and established an autonomous company named Slévárna Kuřim, a.s. [Kuřim Foundry, joint-stock company].

The company’s main strategic objective is to retain the character of a commercial foundry producing gray and ductile cast iron, specializing in advanced castings for machine tools and other fields of industry, while aiming to maximize our share of castings exported to western markets.  In order to achieve this goal, we put great emphasis on innovative production technologies.

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